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Essential Oils, Zinc, filtered water & plant based cleaning agent.

Plant based pet urine and stain remover.

Odor Blasters can eliminate cat and dog urine odors and stains from:

Carpets, upholstery, autos, homes, offices, mattresses and any water safe cleaning fabric and fiber.

Contact us for your 16 oz.bottle of Odor Blasters to help rid your textiles of foul odor and stains.

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The Natural  pet urine stain & Odor eliminators

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 Commercial & Residential Odor Removal Spray & Service.

Our Odor Blasters service and spray deodorizer result from years of our carpet cleaning service based in Atlanta GA U.S.A since 1993. Our proprietary spray is great on carpet, fabric upholstery to remove pet urine and stain.

We will only offer products which are very effective, safe, non-toxic & "Green"

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We use no perfumes, artificial scents

or any other synthetic chemicals.

We safely kill odor feeding molecules

for instant & permanent odor elimination.