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Atlanta's #1 odor control service

We can eliminate foul odors from:

Carpets, upholstery, dumpsters, autos, homes, offices, mattresses, concrete etc. due to Skunk, rotting garbage, pet urine, smoke damage and basically any smelly source.

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We use no perfumes, artificial scents

or any other synthetic chemicals.

Green carpet cleaning and odor removal Atlanta

We safely kill odor feeding molecules

for instant & permanent odor elimination.

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The Natural carpet stain & more Odor eliminators

Commercial & Residential Odor Removal Service.

Odor Blasters products and products used are the end  result of hands on work in the field through our long standing & ongoing carpet cleaning service based in Atlanta GA U.S.A since 1993. We will destroy ANY foul odor or money back!

We will only carry products which are very effective, safe, non toxic & "Green"

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